Company Provide a All Risk Cover Insurance to our all client to Risk coverage while transition Goods. There are lot of miss happenings possible during the transition of goods due to some accidents or natural incidents that might be cause of damage the valuable. For that we provide Relocation Risk coverage. Creative Packers and Movers Always helps their customer to claim the damage for these incidents.

Insurance is very Important for all items moving via Road, Air OR Sea Shipments. Because no one can determine a risk over the transition time, Its always Risky and critical is something goes wrong while a transition time. So Insurance play a great role for any damages or losses to claim the goods value.

Creative Packers and Movers always move all items with full risk cover Insurance Policy that make sure to a customer that their goods is safe and secured. Nothing to worries in case of unfortunately if something meets a serious accidents while transition time, we could get our value of goods.

No one can deny a Accidents case, its natural and can possible any time. So Insured goods safe for a customer view.

There are two Types of Insurance Policy:

  1. Basic Risk Cover: This policy is just for a Fire accidents case. its have less reliability because of this types of risk very less amount. It will not cover most of times for small damages or losses in transition phase.
  2. All Risk Cover: This is covers everything of in transition, It’s a Best insurance policy to  cover small to big loss of items. Customer can claim Min or Max value of damages or losses.

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